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Most of us want a secure world for our kids and ourselves. That’s why we recycle cans, paper, and plastic. But have you ever considered making your house safe for the kids, yourself, and your pets? If you are like me, I have been worried about the environment but I never considered the environment that exists behind my front door.

I accepted the truth that I are now living in an integral part of Texas with a top allergy count. I accepted the truth that some cleaning products usually made me cough and running for my allergy meds. What made me stop accepting my situation was the numerous and often weekly reports of the poisonous products the US imports from China. Products that aren’t tested for any type of safety standards in our stores as « high end  » products we spent my youth with and trusted! Let’s see..the toys are dangerous, the fish is poisonous….and the toothpaste..we need to be worried about our toothpaste too?!! I decided I didn’t want to wonder if the products in my home were planning to be another « China-poison-alert » ;.Upon more research I found out that formaldehyde (Q 15) is present in quite a few everyday products (like baby shampoo) as a chemical to provide the merchandise a longer shelf life.

So I researched online and discovered you can find companies (in the USA) which make (in the USA) organic, non-toxic cleaning products, bath products, vitamins and exercise products. So I bought some Velovita Europe. These natural organic products did not make me ill and coughing when I used them. The home didn’t smell like a chemical plant after I’d cleaned. And I worry less about the 3-year old engaging in something (less chances of accidental poisonings). Also, we’ve fewer allergy problems.

I chose to dispose off the toxic products. I placed them in a box and left them for the garbage collectors. When I acquired home later that day, the garbage collector had left an email on the box saying « these items are too hazardous for the land dump »! What an eye opener!

I’m so glad I switched to organic products. I feel like I’m giving my family and family members the best. It’s one of the best things I’ve done for my family.

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