Accueil Non classé Learn Reiki free of charge with one of these 3 free online Reiki courses

Learn Reiki free of charge with one of these 3 free online Reiki courses


For those wishing to master Reiki free of charge, we want to share 3 very special Reiki courses that may allow you to start learning Reiki right now. And additionally, all of these courses are very good quality and they’re 100% free.

In the first place then, let’s speak about what’s included in each one of these courses. Each course includes a free Reiki ebook (practitioner manual), free Reiki attunement, free online support and a totally free completion certificate.

You will find even some free video tutorials which are available, as well as all this, which can help makes things super easy to master the techniques which are being introduced.

For all of these courses, it is made very clear that these free courses cover anything that you’d normally learn in an in-person Reiki workshop but obviously, they’re free!

Also, due to the learning format, you are able to learn most of the course material is likely to time & space that is really great.

And for people who would like to browse the courses for themselves, you are able to access the courses directly from here ->

Free Reiki Courses Category 1 – Usui Reiki & Advanced Usui Reiki (all levels)

On the Love Inspiration website, it provides a very brief introduction to the idea of Reiki like this:

Reiki can be referred to as a method of energy based healing which helps to boost your energetic vibration nearer to love, light & peace. As a result of those energetic changes, people who receive Reiki on a typical basis will often experience relief from a selection of different ailments, if they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. One of the most beautiful things about learning Reiki on your own is that you become in a position to ‘tap into’ this universal source of life force energy so you can clear away blockages and help yourself move towards resilient health & happiness. Develop you enjoy these free online Reiki courses and may they assist you to on your life’s journey!

Free Reiki Courses Category 2 – Kundalini Reiki & Advanced Kundalini Reiki (all levels)

Kundalini Reiki is another remarkably popular form of Reiki, practised by huge numbers of people from throughout the world. On the Love Inspiration website, it describes it’s free Kundalini Reiki training as follows:

During the very first level, you will learn to do practical healing (both on your own and others) in addition to something we refer to as distance healing. After several days of practice, you’re then in a position to progress to level 2 where you will learn to do a very simple 5 minute meditative technique which helps to cleanse your inner world as you prepare for the Kundalini Reiki Master level energies.

​The Master level is another truly beautiful step forwards as you are introduced to many several types of energetic frequencies and
techniques. Obviously, as of this level, you will even learn to attune others to the beautiful system of healing and growth; something special that is always this kind of pleasure to talk about with others reiki courses online.

You will find yet another six levels being learnt in this Advanced Kundalini Healing system with each level being very simple and easy to master and practice. Most of these are included within these free Reiki courses (through our ebooks system) and we hope that these beautiful Kundalini energies help to create much love, light & healing into your life.

Free Reiki Courses Category 3 – Universal Reiki

The Universal Reiki teachings were received from Higher Consciousness only very recently and to simply help us introduce this new form of Reiki, listed here is a sample from the course material, to simply help describe the purpose & nature of this beautiful Reiki healing system:

“Universal Reiki opens a direct channel of energy sources referred to as ‘The Obturion’featuring an assortment of very good energetic frequencies to assist you on your Universal Reiki pathway. These high frequency energies are here to simply help your kind to open further to the light of love and loving kindness for several infinite beings. Including those of which you do not know, or see. That is an important aspect for
your healing pathway, for indeed to wish the great liberation for several beings means there should be comprehension of more than just the self.

Here we will be unfolding the tree of Universal Reiki in a simple set of complete teachings, encompassing the vitality radiances required to expand the consciousness. Six sets of teachings shall manifest a good abundance of love expansion within each and every one of you, however it is not just a requirement that six are taken. ​

Here the importance is for you really to choose those you are feeling attracted to at any time. In this way, you will find no set order for the teachings and you could take as much or as little as you wish. Please simply complete the mandatory prerequisites as deemed necessary. »

Most of these free Reiki courses are offered through Love Inspiration which is a not for profit organisation dedicated to helping people feel more love, light & happiness inside their life.

Develop that you enjoy these free Reiki courses and may they allow you to feel a further sense of joy, peace & harmony in your life.

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