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5 Best Musical Concerts Theatres in the World


Throughout your vacation, attending musical concerts is one of the greatest activities you shouldn’t fail to add to your bucket list, and every city has its own magnificent theatre. However, there are spectacular ancient theatres and modern elegant musical halls where you can explore and enjoy live music concerts across the world. Here are 5 Best Musical Concerts Theatres in the World.

Royal Albert Hall In London

Immediately you step into this Royal Hall, its magnificence provides you with Goosebumps. It is one of the very most famous music theatres on the planet and from the décor to the atmosphere and to the lights out splendor; choosing a show here will definitely make you agree it is royal indeed. Since 1871, the Royal Albert Hall in London has been an experience travelers don’t miss when they’re in the United Kingdom.


Musikverein In Vienna, Austria

Musikverein can be an ultimate classic music venue in Europe and an epitome of elegance with regards to architecture. This music hall is reported to be home to the Viennese Philharmonics and it is designed such as a classic European temple with the Frescos of Apollo on the ceiling. Throughout every season, music lovers from all over the world go Vienna for a captivating and unforgettable music experience, because of the architecture, acoustics, music, location and atmosphere.


Verona Arena In Italy

Built-in the very first century, the Verona Area can be an epitome of historical magnificence which till today stands still. It can be an open-air stone Amphitheatre which hosts opera fans from throughout the world. The views on the walls can tell you tales of gladiators and speak softly the language of pop bands. The amazing elliptical architecture puts the musical venue as you of the very most special places in the complete of Europe. You just don’t want to miss choosing a show here.


National Center For The Performing Arts In Beijing, China

In China, no other place is better to savor Opera and live concerts other compared to the National Center. The amazing egg-shaped, modern art architectural theatre building made it to the set of beautiful places you should visit one or more times in your lifetime. Besides its uniqueness in architecture, there is an artificial lake around it – another beauty to feed your eyes with once you’re there. Obviously, there is no better place compared to the National Center in Beijing to savor traditional Chinese Music Performance.


The Ancient Theatre In Orange, France

That is an amazing edifice that’s been serving music fans with meals of entertainment since the very first century AD. This Ancient Theatre holds the annual Summer Opera Festival in France, and the 10,000 people capacity best-preserved theatre in Europe has never failed to give music fans the best of moments – in views and in music.

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