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Reasons to Visit Acropolis Museum Athens


Awarded whilst the sixth Best Museum globally in 2018, Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum of finding the website for the Acropolis of Athens (Ancient citadel). Built for the home of each artifact begin the rock on the context slopes from age civilization to Roman era.

Acropolis Museum was founded by the architect and the lead designer, Bernard Tschumi. The project created by him was selected whilst the winner of the fourth competition. Acropolis Museum had made its impression with several collections of arts and sculptures.

What’s in Acropolis Museum Athens?

Acquired the award whilst the Excellence and Sustainability Museum in 2010, Acropolis Museum was constructed on 30 December 1865. And the location cover by the Museum is eight thousand square meters.

Currently owned by the Hellenic Minister of Culture and Tourism, Acropolis Museum has over four thousand arts. The general public announcement to open the Museum was in 2009, 20 June. Acropoli made its first museum in 1874.

Why is Acropolis Museum Athens so Famous?

Making a ridiculous collection of over four thousand, Acropolis Museum is fabled for its arts and sculptures. With the collection of historical arts like Horse of 6th B.C, the ancient Greek statue Moschophoros of 650 B.C, peplos Kore, and the ancient Greek sculpture of 480 BC Kristian Boy.

Is it Worth visiting Acropolis Museum Athens?

As a popular Museum in Athens, Acropolis Museum was awarded several awards such as the British guild of Travel writers in 2010, the Keck Award, and the reputable mention by The American Association of Architects.

Having such outstanding achievements and an accumulation arts, Acropolis Museum is just a place to go to to review ancient art. So be sure to visit every monument and sculpture of the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

What is the Best way to Visit Acropolis Museum in Athens?

The Acropolis Museum is just a spot to explore the antiques of Greek art. Check out the Acropolis museum facts, opening hours, getting there and  tours & tickes from leading tours and tickets suppliers and book one that you prefer the most.


Properly exploring the historical museum Acropolis with a suitable travel plan is just a tricky thing to do. However, Tripindicator provides the best services and ticketing intend to Athens city with the Athens sightseeing bus tours at a negotiable price. Happen to be Athens and explore the wonder of historical athens in its finest first hand.

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